Requesting a Service Minimbah services are available to people who have a severe or profound intellectual disability and need high levels of assistance with activities of daily living. Follow this link to find out more about our client admission process. Please apply as far as possible in advance of the date when admission is sought. Weekday Programs Minimbah provides a day service for  adults. The clients participate in a wide range of community and centre-based activities. Saturday Care Saturday Care is a respite and recreational program for school aged young people. The program operates on alternate Saturdays and every Saturday during the mid year school holidays. Person Centred Planning Person Centredness is a life planning model to enable people with disabilities to increase their personal self-determination and improve their independence. Minimbah uses this model to develop programs for learning and leisure activities, through awareness of what is important to and for our clients and through consultation with clients and their families and carers. We use the ‘Progress for Providers’ tool distributed by the NDS to identify a range of strengths and areas for improvement. We are developing action plans to increase  person centredness through staff training, coaching, assistive technology audits, and individual program planning.